About HDYK

My name is Kyle, and I'm the creator of HowDidYouKnow.com. I came up with the idea as a way to help my family communicate more easily about the gifts we give each other. More importantly, we needed a single place to see all those gift ideas, and to see what had already been given. So, in 1998...HDYK was born!

After using HDYK with only my family for years, I realized it was something that could help other people. As the internet evolved and online gift registries became more common, gift-giving had actually become more complicated. Why would I want to go to a bunch of different websites' wishlists for EVERY PERSON IN THE FAMILY?! With HDYK, all of those lists are in one place, saving a lot of time and effort.

When I looked at the current app marketplace, I noticed that similar products failed in one particular aspect: Gift apps seemed to be more focused on receiving gifts than on giving them. With HowDidYouKnow.com, I could offer something that made it easier for people to give gifts, instead of just sending out yet another personal gift list!

About Us

To help me bring HowDidYouKnow.com to life, I looked for people who, like me, value thoughtfulness, a charitable spirit, and a focus on others instead of oneself. Really, we just want to see our loved ones smile! Our mission is to make the gift-giving process easier, and take the edge off of the run-up to a gifting occasion. How many husbands spend the week before an anniversary frantically scrambling for the perfect gift? How many aunts wonder what little Johnny is even into these days? With HDYK, the struggle to find those gift ideas is a thing of the past, allowing you to simply Give Better Gifts™!

Not everyone has a gift for giving gifts, but everyone wants to give the right gift.

We constantly look for ways to improve, so if there's something you think we could do better, or a feature you'd love to see, let us know!